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Our Advisory Team

Cross-sector collaboration is crucial to achieve the innovation and societal goals we’ve set.


The advisory team convenes experts across the tech, business, impact, and entrepreneurship spaces to provide the knowledge, experience, and support for both our venture building teams in the Studio and the broader PollyLabs organization.

Advisory team members can be engaged on a one-off basis when their expertise is
needed, and may also be invited for more substantial engagements, such as serving as a temporary board member for a studio company, co-authoring a thought leadership piece with us, or acting as an aligned advisor for a specific company that aligns with their area of expertise.

Our two asks of you are:

  1. To be available for outreach from us or our venture builders for advice, guidance, or connections in your network (as you already have been).

  2. To grant us permission to include your name as part of our advisory team (please reach out if you do not want your name listed) 

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