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Alina Shkolnikov Shvartsman

Alina Shkolnikov is an impact expert with a proven track record of driving strategic innovation and purpose-driven growth. She excels at leveraging catalytic and blended capital models to address systemic challenges via multi stakeholder collaborations. Alina is PollyLabs's Chief Purpose Officer.

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Alina has advised government ministries, funds, foundations, companies and NGOs on aligning financial growth opportunities with social and environmental challenges. She has vast global experience in both the private and public sectors, including positions at the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, where she served as head of the Impact Entrepreneurship Department. Here, Alina launched the foundation's impact arm and set the foundation's impact measurement and management frameworks. She also was a member of the National Advisory Board for Impact Innovation. Alina served as the Global iCoach Program Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, during which she managed 60+ mentors. Alina was the Director of Content and Programs at PresenTense, and as the European Program Director as well, she established various social and business innovation programs in Israel, Russia, and Latvia, and led multidisciplinary projects, budgets, and teams. Alina is also as an advisory board member for Joblio Inc.

In 2022, Alina founded TAI Consulting, which defines social and environmental impact strategies for investment funds, multinational corporations, and foundations in an effort to align impact and ESG policies with top organizational priorities.

Alina has served in the IDF as the Head of Russian press office; she is a graduate of the MUWC of India, and holds a Bachelors in communication and media from Reichman University and Master in Security Policy and Strategy from Tel Aviv University. Alina is also a board member for Seeds of Peace and Forum Deborah.


Alina can be reached at


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