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The Future Resilience Fund

The Future Resilience Fund (FRF) increases the total pool of capital available for the recovery and reconstruction of Israel by leveraging strategic catalytic capital

Israel faces an unprecedented crisis

We must deftly balance immediate needs with strategic long-term recovery planning. To triumph, we need collective innovative thinking to amplify capital funding and to optimize impact.

Current funding models fall short

Traditional funding avenues, such as donations and government allocations, are inadequate for our extensive needs. Some needs must be tackled through private-sector investments and international development grants. Here, catalytic capital can trail-blaze transformative recovery efforts.


There is no going back to Oct 6th - we must build back better

FRF fortifies Israel's ecosystems for recovery and rebuilding. The knowledge acquired, methodologies developed, and technologies piloted in Israel will be indispensable for the country. Simultaneously, they will substantially aid other areas grappling with humanitarian crises.


We catalyze capital for recovery

We utilize PollyLabs' expertise in deploying catalytic capital (in our case, donations that attract private sector investments) to unlock much-needed funds for Israel’s recovery. We collaborate with leading umbrella organizations, identifying key opportunities where philanthropy can unlock substantial additional funding from non-traditional sources.

Utilizing innovative Funding Models

FRF focuses on areas where catalytic and blended finance can mobilize global investments from both private and public sectors. We leverage funding mechanisms such as:

  1. Impact first equity investments: high-impact, high-risk investments in early-stage tech companies that could deliver immediate exponential impact and future financial returns 

  1. Recoverable grants & forgivable loans: loan-like capital aimed at funding growth, developing new capabilities, and up-skilling organizations - focusing on SMBs and NGOs

  2. Grants/matching grants - Grants for ecosystem-level projects: infrastructural advancements that trigger multifaceted growth and massive economic activity

Join us now: together, we can accelerate Israel's journey towards resilience, cementing the foundations for regional prosperity

To learn more, reach out to

Check out our new report:
" Israel Turning Point Repot: Future Scenarios for Envisioning the Path to Recovery & Resilience 

"Events won’t wait for clarity,

 the choices we make today will have a lasting impact on Israel’s future"

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