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Crisis as a catalyst, will Oct. 7 reshape the Israeli tech ecosystem? - opinion

Updated: Jul 3

"Solve problems you experience yourself" is both good advice for aspiring founders and one of the reasons we don't have more tech solving critical global challenges, especially in humanitarian and economic development.

One of the top pieces of advice aspiring founders receive repeatedly is to “solve a problem you know well and understand. This makes sense — it’s easier to develop passion and be willing to weather the hardships that starting a company entails when you have a personal connection to the issue. It's also easier to have unique, differentiating insights that will set you up to solve problems effectively.

The problem with this is that most traditional founders and the VC’s who fund them have limited exposure to problems related to humanitarian crises and economic development.

However, for Israel's tech sector, one of the most innovative tech ecosystems in the world, that has changed forever on October 7th.

Check out our recent op-ed in the Jerusalem Post where we explore what this moment might mean for Israel tech space, the region, and the broader global humanitarian space.

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