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We are facing an escalating humanitarian crisis, and we are running out of time

Technology must play a role in addressing these challenges, yet we are not even close

We are working to change this

The number of disasters has increased by a factor of 5

91% of deaths occur in developing economies

Up to 50% of the donations intended for humanitarian aid are spent on organizations' overhead costs

Our Solution

PollyLabs accelerates solving pressing societal problems by pioneering a new methodology called Repurposing Tech for Good. We are harnessing the potential of existing, proven technologies to reduce cost, complexity and time to develop groundbreaking solutions.

Our Approach

Drive direct impact and ignite a movement


Push the frontier of knowledge through in-depth and pertinent research studies


Catalyze a movement, shape the agenda, and foster a new kind of ecosystem for impact innovation

Co-create ventures using a rigorous, thesis-driven process to boost the success of companies bridging gaps of urgent global issues


Directly fund promising founders to allow them to make meaningful progress & unlock their access to critical scale resources

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