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Team Spotlight: Martin Clark, Strategy Summer Associate

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Tell us about your role in the company.

My role is two-fold. One half is partnership strategy: developing a process behind how we evaluate and develop relationships with mission-driven enterprises. The second half is venture building: incubating and exploring companies which will solve problem areas related to the care economy.

What drew you to this company?

I was excited about the PollyLabs opportunity because I wanted to solve problems and exist in a space that operated at the intersection of social impact, business, and technology. I believe the organization is uniquely positioned to thrive in all three spaces.

What excites you most about PollyLabs?

I am most excited about partnering with my knowledgeable colleagues to drive impact and innovation in the social enterprise space.

What’s your take on our mission?

I strongly believe in our mission- it is novel, unique, and meaningful. Ultimately, there are many groundbreaking technology advancements that have recently taken place, and many of the technologies can be leveraged to fill in problem areas and gaps that may receive less attention than more popular industries.

Tell us about a project you're working on with PollyLabs that you’re proud of.

I'm currently conducting research on problem areas within the Care economy and evaluating technologies that could be used to address these issues. These are sizable opportunities which are fit for disruption and innovation. It's interesting to be figuring out new ways in which technology can be used to alleviate gaps in care and improve outcomes related to access.

How would you explain our work to someone who is not familiar with our industry?

It boils down to incubating and investing in purpose driven companies that are solving problems for underrepresented communities on a global scale.

How would you describe the PollyLabs work environment?

Our environment is highly iterative and collaborative- everyone is motivated by the work we're doing and wholly willing to lend a hand and be a resource to others in the space. Everyone is very transparent, humble, and smart.

Can you share a fun fact?

I'm an identical twin!

Do you have a favorite book which you would recommend to others?

Blacktop Wasteland by S.A. Cosby- it's a great, classic thriller that I really enjoyed.

How did your previous work experience prepare you for your position at PollyLabs?

I've had plenty of opportunities to work with socially conscious organizations throughout my career. My experience working in the tech and market research industries prepared me to dive into the venture-building process and quickly make an impact.

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