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Venture Associate 
Regenerative Agriculture Summer Associate opportunity 

We are looking for an MBA / MPA  student who is excited to join a fast-paced organization shaking up the impact startup landscape and be a part of creating new solutions that support a paradigm shift in our agriculture system. 


What is PollyLabs?

PollyLabs is a startup studio & fund that incubates and backs impact ventures that leverage existing technologies to solve worthy problems. Over the next 5 years, the PollyLabs team will incubate, finance, and spin out ~25 mission-led for-profit start-ups that repurpose technology to tackle major societal problems. Some of the problems we are working on right now include: increasing the adoption of regenerative agriculture, improving employment opportunities for migrant workers, and more effectively managing real-time disasters to minimize loss of life, harm, and economic losses.


What will you work on

We believe our agriculture system—and the communities that support it—is at a crossroads and that there is a unique opportunity today for a new ecosystem of ventures to catalyze a shift to our system’s next paradigm. As a result, PollyLabs has launched a program to perform implementation-driven research and incubate scalable solutions that incentivize near-term widespread adoption of regenerative agriculture.

The Summer Associate role will include supporting:

  • Our first Regenerative Agriculture venture CEO as they advance a preliminary concept into its next stage of maturity; this may include performing market research, crafting stories that bring the venture thesis to life, and enabling execution of a proof-of-concept

  • PollyLabs Regenerative Agriculture Program; this may include enabling fundraising efforts from public and private sources and executing strategic projects, such as developing POVs/thought leadership, codifying insights into a pipeline for potential future ventures, and forming strategic partnerships

Who is the ideal candidate?

Someone that is​:

  • Passionate about the intersection of profit and purpose

  • Highly analytical with strong logical thinking skills, able to unpack complex issues into actionable items

  • Experienced in market research and proficient in analyzing and synthesizing data into coherent recommendations

  • Excellent communicator, able to understand, simplify, and convey complex concepts to diverse sets of stakeholders

  • Comfortable with ambiguity and changing priorities

  • Is an optimist, has a good sense of humor, and is able to maintain a positive attitude and a growth mindset even when dealing with challenges

  • Tech-savvy and comfortable with new technologies. Willing to learn and explore new tools and systems (technical expertise is not required)


Basically a unicorn  🦄

The Summer Associate will receive a stipend and is encouraged to supplement it with scholarships provided by their school or other organizations.

Please reach out to if you have any questions 

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