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A warm welcome to our inaugural summer intern cohort

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

We're thrilled to welcome our first cohort of summer interns to PollyLab. This group of top-performing students will spearhead various initiatives and play a crucial part in our launch strategy. They'll be involved in shaping strategic decisions, working with future founders, tackling complex problems, and interacting with our partners. Their insights and contributions will also be vital in establishing our team culture, structure, and norms.

First couple of weeks...

Joining PollyLab means embarking on a steep learning curve. Our interns have immersed themselves in new terminology, concepts, and frameworks, and are rapidly getting up to speed with the ecosystem in which we operate. The first couple of weeks have been packed with learning sessions such as a 'Venture Build 101' tutorial with our CEO, Bar Pereg, an introduction to social impact from our Chief Purpose Officer, and an engaging Marshmallow challenge. We've also taken time out to strengthen our team bonds with fun games and a sushi night, which doubled as a farewell to our NY-based spring externs, Tzlil & Shiv.

Meet the team!

Over the next few weeks, we're looking forward to introducing our interns to you through spotlight blog posts. This way, you'll get to know them better, and also gain insights into PollyLab from their unique perspectives.

So, here they are, our summer 2023 intern cohort:

  • Adam Dimanshteyn, NYU Stern

  • Ella Drory, Pace University

  • Ellie Naider, Princeton University

  • Guillermo Campos, Columbia University

  • Martin Clark, Columbia University

Stay tuned.

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